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Hunt is now on!

Quest Fur Cover Has Begun!
You are looking for a sleeping Tabby cat curled in a basket in every location!
Buy or touch the kitty to get the folder with the prize and the location to the next one!
This hunt will last from 21st dec- 28th dec 2013.

Note the stores that have (NSU) Beside their names means NOT SET UP. This may change but As of right now, I have not been informed of this so happy hunting and happy holidays!
Please no giving out locations in any public or group chats, hints and working together is fine though!

Please join the Quest Fur Cover Group and use the group chat and call out if you would like to find other hunters to team up with!

..::1::.. Furry Fashion

..::2::.. WereHouse

..::3::.. ORIONITE

..::4::..  Oragami’s Archives

..::5::.. Breeder’s Choice

..::6::.. De Baza

..::7::.. The Gold Club

..::8::.. .:K&B:. Katitudes and Boneisms

..::9::. Whimsical Wonders

..::10::.. Srs Corp.

..::11::.. Kats Desire (NSU)

..::12::.. Footpaw Industries

..::13::.. Apricot Paws

..::14::.. Gachapon!

..::15::..  Alyce

..::16::.. Puppy

..::17::.. Kahoots Avatars

..::18::.. Aii The Ugly & Beautiful (NSU)

..::19::.. Tanuki (NSU)

..::20::. ~*SugarFluff*~

..::21::.. Cover My Furry Butt

..::22::.. D’Amantru Industries

..::23::.. Yumera

..::24::.. Furever Kids

..::25::.. .: Fuijiwara’s World :.

..::26::.. Night Cats’ Caravan

..::27::.. [project]MAEHEM industries

..::28::.. Magican Productions

..::29::.. KalRaye’s Confections

..::30::.. Nargus Lab (NSU)

..::31::.. MadCatCreations

..::32::.. The Fox Den

..::33::.. .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.

..::34::.. Ada Labs

..::35::.. BLW (NSU)

..::36::.. Raawr Avatars (NSU)

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